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How to lose fat on arms and ways to lose back fat

The extra fat on your arms and back can make you very self conscious and make you feel very uncomfortable. The best way to lose arm fat and back fat quickly is by developing a healthy lifestyle, which involves regular exercise and following a nutritious diet.

How do you reduce fat on arms and back

how to lose arm fat and back fatThere is no specific diet or exercise that exclusively deals with how to lose fat on arms and back. You cannot choose the part of your body that you want to lose fat as spot reduction is a common misconception. However, there is no need to panic, losing arm and fat back is not difficult if you follow a few healthy living tips.

A change of diet plan will help lose fat if you reduce your calories intake by eating foods that are rich in fibre and low on calories. Your diet should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats in small quantities, fish, nuts and whole grain. You have to avoid foods that contain processed sugar like juices and sodas, instead, take a lot of water and unsweetened tea.More tips can be seen here http://youtu.be/gORkePIsHyE

Refined grain, dairy products and fried foods are also off the menu as they make your body stock a lot of fat. You should also implement a workout routine that will help in toning your triceps and focus mostly on the upper section of your body. For arm exercises, start by getting in a plank position, fully extend your legs and let your upper body be supported by your forearms.

Regular push ups and aerobics that engage your arms and back help a great deal in losing this fat. Other exercises like walking, cycling, dancing and morning jogs also help lose excess body fat.

By committing to regular arm and back workout routines, combined with a healthy diet that is low in calories, you are assured to lose this fat in just few months. Within no time, you will fit and feel comfortable and confident in your bathing suits, strapless dresses, tank tops and other flashy outfits in your wardrobe.