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Since it’s been some time since you delivered and as you stand in front of the mirror, all you see is yourself, and you are not happy with how you look and you want to lose 20 pounds really fast. You can no longer say it’s the baby making you that way. You turn down almost every invite for friends to see the new born and its now stressing you out, and you know you don’t want to look like that anymore.

Best tips on how to lose 20 pounds really fast for moms.

lose 20 pounds fast for moms1. Eat a lot of fruits, high protein foods and low in carbs

This will not only help with essential vitamins and proteins not only for your health but also for your child and will reduce drastically the amount of useless carbs you ingest.

2. Play with the baby

Do this after the baby wakes up and after feeding. Lift your baby up and down or better yet, dance with the baby, this is a great way of bonding with the baby and also can help you lose up to 10 pounds in a week. You will be happy and the baby will be happy.

3. Sleep when the child sleeps

This will help you get the much needed rest but when you are asleep you won’t be eating. If you eat you will not be able to lose 20 pounds as fast as you want!

Don’t lie to yourself that this is the time you will catch up on your favorite show, you won’t even realize when you start snacking as you will be too tired already.

4. Do not skip meals

This will help to increase metabolism and regulate your appetite. Instead of eating one large meal, eat many small meals during the day.

5. Do not eat the baby’s’ food

Do not taste the baby’s food while it is still on the stove, or if it’s just the right flavor just before you feed them, or wanting to finish the baby’s food once they are full and you don’t want it to go to waste. The calories will keep creeping up if you don’t stop. This is how to reduce weight.

If you really need to learn more about losing 20 pounds bfast, the video below will help you a little.

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